The Poet Awakens Again

In my heart I love writing prose far more than poetry, yet so many people whose opinions I respect have told me that I am ‘good’ at poetry (whatever that means, lol).  So, I keep on writing poems,  even though I think that they are nothing to write home about.  Anywhoodlz, here is my latest poem, inspired by an incredibly sweet dream that remained clear and viable long after I had awakened.



I went to sleep, as I always do,

Alone and lonely,

Wishing to be a lover.

Loved and loving,

No longer a solitary heart.


Then I began to dream,

So clear and sweet,

I wanted to sleep forever.

You and I, as one,

Bathed in luxury, and joy.


As lovers we were

Inexpressibly matched.

The least touch was

Starlight and Heaven,

Magic of the highest form.


We were at once

Scarlett and Rhett,

Arthur and Guinevere,

Adam and Eve, and

You and I.


Whether we were met

By Royalty in Castles;

Holy Men atop Mountains,

Or the Common Man

In the crowded streets.


We were met with

Honour and love;

Everywhere we went

We were respected

And bathed by our love.


Once I was wrapped in

Green velvet gown;

Like the Lady of

Welcome Summer

And the return of Plenty.


The we were clad like

Kings of the Far East in

Rare Silks and Jewellery.

Perfumed by musks and

Sweet Sandalwood.


We were gowned in nothing,

Naked and unashamed,

Innocent and innocence.

No shame of our

God-given forms.


The in we rode the range,

Jeans and chambray.

Fine steeds and

Soaring hawk as

Our procession.


The we were blessed

No longer two, but

Planning for three.

Surprised by two

Sons so like their sire.


Who would wish to

Waken from this glory?

To worry about trifles

And be inundated with

Childish trivialities.


So now I sit, alone,

And more lonely

Than I was, carrying

The knowledge that

I had just dreamed.


10 Responses to “The Poet Awakens Again”

  1. Your friends are right. This is very good.

  2. A lovely poem. You are indeed a poet, as well as a writer of prose.


  3. Matilda Says:

    I believe your poetry to be every bit as good as your prose! Don’t you just hate waking from dreams that are so fulfilling? In one of my dreams I had the most incredible feeling of love. I, too, felt very berefit when I awoke. That is one I still carry with me. And then there’s the one where I had sex with…Oh, never mind. I wanted to go to sleep several times! My bad?

  4. gosh-what an incredible poem to go with such a brilliant dream….both oare so enchanting and lovely…

  5. Lori dear,

    You are one of the people whose opinions matter to me. Thank you sweetie!


  6. Vi dear,

    Thank you so much dear heart!!



  7. Sally sweetie,

    Not your bad… everyone’s release, at least thoise of us that aren’t into polyamory!! I’ve had a few dreams like that myself.

    My favourite dream was the one where I had a baby, I know I glowed for the better part of a week.HUgs,

  8. Raven sweetie,

    The poem was one of those rare ones that pretty much wrote itself, and I knew that if I worked it too much it would be ruined. That I do know about writing, when to say “Enough.”.


  9. Gwen, I found you poem refreshing I am fortunate enough to have a lot of dreams and the poem expresses a lot of my wishes but, alas, the one I love doesn’t share the deep love I have for him but I have him in my dreams for a while I also get to visit with my Mother who has passed on and was my best friend Thank you for sharing this poem with me Hugs, Chrys (sis) to you LOL
    great poem Gwen

  10. Beautiful poem Gwen. Oh, hey I need to talk to you about ghosts and a certain psychic. Not to intrude on your dream, but this seems to be the only way to get hold of you lately.

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