Shiloh Dared Me!!

My friend Shiloh, a lot of you know Shiloh, dared me to write some forms of Japanese  poetry after I told her that I do not write good verse poetry.  I don’t class the Japanese forms in with verse poetry  because they follow different forms and philosophies the European-based poetic forms.  So here are the poems I did write, using the Senryu, Tanka, and Lanturne forms of Japanese poetry.

Senryu 1:

 Cat’s pawprints

Cross the floor

He’s on the hunt.


Senryu 2

Aching toes

Reach Heaven

With my dancing.


Tanka 1

 Laughter in symbols

Sorrow in harsh silences

Hope does not spring here

Love’s petals are withered, sere

Dreams do not flourish down here.



Lanturne 1




When it’s not sought.


Lanturne 2



Coils twining

Devours the Light.


These are my attemnpts, you can find Shiloh’s at  I hope you enjoy them, and find some inspiration in them.

9 Responses to “Shiloh Dared Me!!”

  1. There is a graceful elegance to all these poems. The first two poems really capture the Japanese spirit . As in ink brush painting the spaces between what is said becomes part of the overall image.

  2. orangetaffeta Says:

    These are wonderful – there is something simple and pure about poetry forms like this – they are so short, you really have to make every word speak. You have captured it perfectly – never say you cannot write verse again! Also, I think it’s great that you have used forms other than the haiku, which seems to be the only thing people think of when you say Japanese poetry.

  3. ladynyo Says:

    These are pretty good!

    I have a few tanka and other poetry on my site:

    I think yours to be rather in the spirit!

    Lady Nyo

  4. See? I knew you could do it, Gwen. They aren’t as hard as they first seem. All it takes is reading this type of poetic genre for a while till you get a good feel for the different styles, then the next step is to try them!

  5. Sally Says:

    Me thinks you met the dare…and won! I found all the forms very beautiful and elegant.

  6. code318 Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to these forms. I intend to find out more about their structures and try some.

  7. Code 318,
    The resource my friend Shiloh and I use is:
    It is a good sit for eploring poetic forms.


  8. just fabulous collection of quite tough styles.

  9. Thank you! I usually am not a very good poet when it comes to metered poetry. I am a free-verse kind of gal. LOL

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