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Halloween Fever

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I’ve got Halloween Fever, and I’ve got it bad!!

Need I say more???


In The Beginning

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In the beginning, when everyone had a Dreamtime, man was given the power of choice.  How wonderful this magic was!  A man could choose to hunt or not to hunt; a woman could choose to cook or not to cook.  Children could choose whether or not to obey their parents’ words.

Soon, everything was in chaos, for no one chose to hunt, cook or obey. The People everywhere were starving, naked, and wandering around lost to the power of choosing.

The Great Spirit looked down, and was sad.  This was not what He had imagined for his people.  He chose ones who had continued to choose to do what must be done, and He gifted them with understanding of the true power of choice. 

They were given pictures to help tell the tales, beginning with the fan.  Such a simple picture, to tell so much!

 Avery choice a destiny


Yes, this was influenced by Aboriginal Dreamtime images.


The fan is the beginning, when we are first gifted with the power of choice, but have not gained the wisdom of our choices yet. 

The Africans gifted us with this fan shaped destiny, at the end of every choice is a destiny, borne out by the choices that came before, and the lessons we have learned.

And so it is that all Tarot decks are about our choices; good, bad, or indifferent.  The choices we make, and the choices we do not make will all have an impact on our destiny.

The Major Arcana are the ‘big’ choices we make, and the Minor Arcana is the small everyday choices. 

In the Major Arcana we have the choice between love and lust (The Lovers and The Devil), self-destruction or self-loving care (Death), to follow ‘the way it has always been done’, or strike out on our own (The Hierophant), and to learn from our mistakes or not (The World and The Fool).

My Sister-Witch Melanie once said that everyone has 44 lives they live.  I commented that that is exactly the number of meanings to the Major Arcana; 22 cards X2 meanings (upright and reversed).


Old English Tarot

I feel as though I ought to hear "Greensleeves" being srummed on a lute!

 Now, as if I needed more, I have bought the Old English Tarot, which is a charming variant of the Rider-Waite, and the one that I sounded about 35 years younger than I really am when I saw it…

With a gasp and a “I must have them!!  I’ll worry about the bills later…” I held this new deck in my hands, and feasted my eyes on the cover of “Oracle of the Dreamtime”!


Way, way too cool!

Designed, illustrated by, and based on Oz’s Aboriginal Peoples’ Dreamtime the deck is a feast for any artist’s eyes, and the accompanying book is full of tales from the Dreamtime. 

Mum and I spent over an hour just filling ourselves with Dreamtime tales in the book; soon I’ll sit down and really explore this delightful addition.  And for anyone who is interested… this is deck number 55!

The Swami

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Last weekend Mum and Matt were not getting along at all. Every time they were together for more than five minutes they started grumbley-grooing at one another.  Aftewr the umpteenth shouting  match Sunday evening I copped an attitude which sent me into helpless fits of the giggles.

I have been talking  with both of them for six years about finding less… ugly ways to deal with their frustration.  Thus far they haven’t listened much.  That is why I copped the following attitude.

The Swami BinkiGwendu

Kiss my enlightened...


Perhaps a little more explanation is in order.  Thirty years ago, before The SImpsons,  Matt Groening had a comic strip entitled “Life In Hell” that my brothers and I adored.  One of our favourites was when the central character, Binky the Bunny copped an attitude.  He swirled his ears into a turban and pronounced, “I am the Swami Binkynandu, kiss my enlightened ass.”

Of course Jim, Matt, and I adored this.  We went so far as to cut the original comic out of the New Times Weekly and save it.  This was one of many, as well as some of ‘Ernie Pook’s Comeek’.  So when I copped my attitude last week it was Binky the Bunny who inspred me to illustrate my mood.

My Shopping List of Art Supplies

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I get to go shopping for new art supplies next week and I would like to know what kind of colored penciles art the best.  I have used prisims, are there better ones out there?  What is the best kind of markers?  Where is the best place to buy these? I do mostly odd, unusual type stuff, especially faces, but not real-looking,  more cartoony.  I mostly have sharpies and cheap markers.  What else can you not live without for drawing supplies?  What about watercolor penciles.?

Thanks for the help,

Carolyn H.

One of the ladies from Soul Food sent out these questions earlier today, and I thought the wisest answer would be on my blog, so she can add it to her favourites amd refer to it at any time.

First, I am partial to the Prismacolors for sharp-edged colouring, they hold the point well, and the colour can be applied evenly, and will blend a bit with application of a blending stick.  Granted the less ‘forgiving’ a medium is the more I like it.  The Crayola coloured pencils are good for laying down a base colour layer to put your details over.  And I would recommend a can of Workable fixatif, as well as some fine sandpaper to keep your Blending Sticks clean and pointed.

Markers are sadly, limited and limiting.  Because they dry so quickly, they don’t make a uniform layer without a great deal of poring over, and working in a demented degree of pointillism; there  is not much ‘blending’ that happens, just some bleary mushy-paperness.  They could work well with a dry-paper watercolour work.

I have Sharpies, and they are as good of a watercolour pen as your going buy.   They have a lovely shelf life, as well as tons of tint, and blend well with other media, i.e. watercolour and pen-and-ink.  Again we’re talking about the dry paper watercolour work.

I keep a range of charcoal and graphite pencils, there don’t seem to be too many producers of quality ones out there, I have been using  General’s ‘Kimberly’  for over 30 years and I have very little problem getting what I want out of them.  I also keep a broad selection of coloured chalk, the wee pillars of charcoal in all of the  B values, lots of black and white charcoal, and the graphites in a range of H values.  Again, blending sticks, sandpaper, and Workable Fixatif is a must.  That gives you a non-smudge base for adding details.  When I do pencil work I add a spray of fixatif up to five or six times before I say, “Enough.”

My #1 tool for drawing is my Conté coloured charcoal pencils.  They are a tad delicate so I don’t consider them portable, but they can stay home and keep on doing what they’re wonderful for, detail work on a coloured chalk base.

Watercolour pencils… Watercolour is actually my favourite media.  I have played with watercolours for over 35 years and I am totally committed to Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils.  They’re pricey, but the investment shows in the quality of your finished product.  They work excellently with the tubes of watercolour paint, and have the most amazing colour, not smudgy or murky, but clear and consistently the same colour.  I have been using my present set for about 20 years, and I only need to replace two or three of them.

One thing to never skimp on, what you are putting your artwork on.  Your work won’t looks its best if it is on corasible bond typing paper.  I like a softly ‘toothed’ watercolour paper for watercolours and acrylics, and real canvases for oils.  Nothing else has the right feel for me.

Ialso keep an old fashioned fountain pen with a variety of nibs in sizes from Crowquill to Extra-Bold Calligrapher’s and a bottle of India Ink.  I enjopy the confidence one must have to work in ink.  Good ink does not erase or get covered over well, if at all.

As far as where to buy them, any art supply or crafting store should carry all of these goodies.  I have found a few gently-used goodies at second-hand stores, but not enough to count on it as a source.  I have found the drawing charcoals, charcoal pencils, and coloured charcoals at Wal-Mart, and I’m sure it could be found in most of the department Stores.

Decorate your Computer for Halloween

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We decorate our houses, offices and desks for Halloiween, why not decorate our computer? I have created four (count ’em four) Halloween desktops to decorate your computer for Halloween. All you need to do is right–click on the image and then left-click on ‘Set as Desktop Image’, and when you’re ofrfline, that should be the desktop background on your computer. Enjoy!!! If you want to save the images, simply right-click and then click on ‘Save Picture as’, the saving programme will guide you through the process of saving the picture to your computer.

Halloweem Wallpaper 1-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 2-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 3-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 4-2009

Let’s try this and see what happens

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Where to find my pictures online

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Having PSP XI has made it possible for me to return to my first love, visual arts.  For the past couple months I have been playing with images, both my own and some I’ve found floating about the Internet.

A number of them are what are known as: ‘Signature Tags’; those are small, decorative images for e-mails, online journals, as well as online ‘manners’. 

Signature tags vary in size from 1″X1″, up to 5″X5″, and will have an individual’s name on them, and can have a short saying on them. 

The tags for manners are called ‘Extras’, and they will be an image with a word or words like, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and phrases like, ‘Praying for You’, ‘Happy Birthday’, and ‘Merry Christmas’.

Tags are fairly easy and fun to make, and they offer an almost immediate reward in that you can see them devoloping as you add this, or apply a special effect.

You can find my photos and signature tags at:

You’re welcom to go peeking in there at any time, and see what I’ve been up to visually.  It is a good thing I have PSP XI, my words seem to have gone on a winter holiday, without me!!!