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Portrait of a Witch

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If you saw a real witch, would you know that she is a witch? Do you believe that she’ll be ancient and ugly with bad skin and warts? Or would she be like everyone else you meet in your travels? Or would there be an indefinable something that would identify her as a witch? 


 A real witch, a practitioner of Wicca, will look like anyone you might meet on the street. She will buy the same kind of clothes; she will have many of the same items in her grocery cart as you will. 


 So, how do you identify a witch, not the Halloween caricature, but a real witch?  Look at her character- that will show her Wiccan traditions. She will be the woman who is kind to everyone and chooses to not judge by race or faith. She will walk gently on our Mother Earth, and celebrate the seasons and natural wonders of the planet.  


 A witch will be tolerant of and accepting of all other faiths. Real witches are not Satanists. Most Wiccan sects worship a God and Goddess; the God sports deer horns and represents the Masculine Archetype, while the Goddess is usually a three-faced Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), which represents the Feminine Archetype.  


 Wicca seeks a balance between positive and negative energies. True Wiccans do not hex or curse people, a witch’s every action is chosen to cause the least harm to everyone and everything around the witch. In truth, the evolved witch will do what is right simply because it is the right thing to do, with no thought of ‘Eternal Reward’ or ‘Karma’.   The right thing to do is the action that causes the least harm in both the short- and long-term.  The witch’s aim is to create balance and calm both within herself and in her surroundings.  


 Wiccans don’t seek revenge; seek a non-destructive way to express ‘negative’ emotions.   Wicca honours forgiveness and understanding. 


Individual witches are at different points on their path of Spiritual Growth the same as people of other faiths. Wicca accepts that some of the people who have travelled further on their path will consciously choose to remain at that level, to help those still learning to advance on their personal path. 


Witches will be naturally trusted by children, animals and wounded spirits, and are known for the comfort of their homes. Some witches have the reputation of being the one everyone comes to when they need to feel better. Other witches might be known for their ability to energise and inspire.


Wicca does not expect a new member to deny the faith they already have; witchcraft, all of Hollywood’s ideas aside, is a gentle, nature-based faith, that supports the individual, and celebrates the differences of culture and faith.


What I Am Grateful For

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I would be poor indeed if I did not list the things I am grateful for:

The 10 Things I am grateful for:
1) Hope
2) Loving and being loved
3) Friends
4) Family
5) Laughter
6) Pets of any kind
7) Music
8) Books
9) Colours
10) Faith

What You’re Grateful For

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As I said in the previous post, I asked friends what they were grateful for, and here are the responses O recieved:



From PSP With Friends:



My Gratitude list:


1.  My Heavenly Father

2. My family

3.  My pets

4.  My good friends & my Internet family

5.  My health

6.  My blessings from the Heavenly Father

7.  My ability to grow wiser, financially, spiritually.

8.  My hobbies.

9.  The chance to be a blessing to others.

10.  The change of the seasons.



Ten things I am Grateful For:

Lord Jesus
My Mom
All my wonderful Friends and extend family
The love for PSP and sharing with others
All the animals in this world
To have a life of my own once again.
To be in the country and enjoy nature all around me.
Clothes to wear and food in my stomach
Gladness  to be able to smile and also to shed tears for friends, family and my own sorrows at times.
Glad for all the wonderful people I have met in my life, each one has given me the best gift of all, a place in my heart.




Ten Things I am Grateful For

my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
my husband and best friend, Chuck
my  family
my church family
my Learn PSP family
my friends
my animal babies
To have a roof over my head
Food on my table
clothes on my back
and each and everyone of you! opps that`s eleven!
MaryLou Wescott




From Dane’s Ladies



That one makes you stop & think , Good Question :


1. Life

2. Family

3. Friends

4. A Roof Over Our Head    

4. Food in our bellies

5. A Car To Get Places

6. A Job To Make Money

7. My Health

8. My Pets , Beagle { Peanut }

9. Coffee . lol

10. God , That is Good To Us





If any of my reraders would like to add their 10 Things I am grateful for list, you can post it as a comment here, or send it to me in an e-mail at, mark the e-mal re: 10 Things so I know it isn’t spam.

Gratitude- Ten Things

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My friend Shiloh threw a blog party to celebrate gratitude, and I am still thinking about gratitude.  I asked friends to tell me what they’re grateful for, as well as asking my Mum.  Since Mum is here with me she wrote her list on a piece of paper.  The list so charmed and delighted me that I had to scan it and post her list as she wrote it.

This is Our Bomba

I know it sounds rather silly, but Mum is in pain so much of the time that she is sadly cranky, her list was 100% ‘Our Bomba’.  I was so soked to see that Bomba that I wanted to show her off, as well as the darling drawing she put on her list.  I’ve always envied Mum her ability to do those quick sketches that remind me of a DaVinci study.


Bomba is Grateful For

Bomba is Grateful For

Gratitude and the Harmonic Convergence

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A word of warning to those who read this: I am crazy, my friend Shiloh will attest to this.  I was debating on whether to say anything about this or not.  The crux of the matter is this-I feel that I must say something about it.

I have long been a student of both world mythology, and comparative faiths.  Putting aside labels and preconceptions allows anyone to see what I have seen.

The truth is so simple that we often overlook it, and resort to labels and stereotypes for the sake of comfort.  Setting them aside is a sobering and uplifting experience, to realise that all ‘real’ faiths are rooted deeply into the same spiritual soil.  We all (seperate faiths) believe in a Creative Power higher than ourselves, and that Power bases our ideals in the most powerful, transformative emotion we express.


I understand if the old labels and stereotypes stand in your way for a time, that is human nature; to remain within a comfort zone, as it were.  Those of us that are close enough to our personal Deity (ies), in an everyday, practical manner will see the logic and truth in what I am saying.   Different styles of worshipping are much like the different flavours (races) are simply a matter of geography.  If some of you are upset by this and stop reading, I understand and hold no hard feelings for any of you.  For those that do continue on this journey, welcome, and love overflowing to you.

Now, I’m sure a great deal of you reading know of the Harmonic Convergence expected on 20, December 2012.  So many people are calling the End Times, and the End of the World.  I cannot agree with that.  Simply read the Biblical passage, to paraphrase, “And there was a New Heaven and Earth, for the Old Heaven and Earth had passed away.”.  That does not sound like the End of Everything, more like a rebirth on all levels.

Rebirth, it means- to be reborn after a death, whether real or symbolic.  In the Christian faiths one is considered to be reborn through commitment to the laws of God.

In Wicca it is the rebirth of fertility and life at the Vernal Equinox.  On any road, faith rooted in love celebrates and thanks the Deity (ies) for Their Love and Generosity.

About a year ago a special friend of mine taught me how to ‘read’ crystals.  I found and purchased a pair of lovely quartz crystals before that, and I have been slowly reading them.  Being a learning junkie, I read all sorts of informational texts, as well as being addicted to NatGeoTV, History Channel, and so forth.

I watched the show that NatGeoTV did on the giant crystal cave that was found in Mexico.  That was not too long after I began dreaming in another language, not one of romance languages mind you.  That would not have surprised me; I have learned some French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Hungarian, and Romany.  I didn’t recognise the language I was dreaming in, but I understood it.

My dear friend, Shiloh, turned me on to a Foreign Language Dictionary site.  I downloaded languages I understood, and then branched out, getting dictionaries in Tibetan, and Sanskrit as well as Old English and Old Norse.

One day, for giggles and grins, I decided to wander through the dictionaries to see if I could find anything that was similar to the language I was dreaming in.  After a few tries that came up with nothing, I peeked into the Sanskrit-English Dictionary, and there were the words that I still remembered months later.  Not only did I recognise them in print, they were applicable to the other specifics of the dream.  That was weird enough for me to pay closer attention to the things that were cropping up in my everyday life.  These little things began to add up (to me anywhooodlz) to a big something.

As I am writing this I intuit that (after another reading of my biggest crystal) we, all of mankind are supposed to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence with worldwide prayers of Celebration and Thanksgiving, each in the manner of our own faith, during the time of the exact convergence.  I further feel that this unified front of faith is what is needed to usher in the ‘New Heaven and Earth”.


For those that are interested, the exact phrase that I hear is “Raghuttama raNa” pronounced- ‘Ray whoo tama rah-ah nay’.  The phrase refers to (to the best of my knowledge) honouring the two 2 greatest warriors of the Raghu race.

I intuit that this is the phrase that the Keepers of the ‘Key Crystals’ are supposed to sing as a round or chant, a capella.

Soprano, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

     2nd Soprano, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                           Alto, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                  Tenor, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                         Baritone, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                                           Bass, ray whoo tama rah ah nay

As each voice group finishes the phrase they start again.

My instincts tell me that this will create a resonance between the Key Crystals, and the Cave of Giant Crystals.

On a quick side note, the Cave of Giant Crystals began to grow about the same time as the last Harmonic Convergence, some 5.000 years ago.

In the meantime, all of us can spread words of love and cooperation through our words and actions.  Celebrate and be Thankful that we are the ones to usher in the next Age of Mankind.

I do not claim to know everything, and so I welcome anything that you, patient reader, may have to share on this subject.

Namaste, God Bless, So Mote It Be, Shalom, Salaam.  Let us sing the praises of our Deity (ies), and speak Gratitude for their Love and Generosity.

So I Have Built This for Tara

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My dear friends,

I have been reading of the proposal to turn the Hill of Tara into a motorway, and I personally feel that that is an inexcusable insult on too many levels to not speak out against it.

If you want to know more information go to:

I have been hearing cries from the world over, and so, my Solstice Day begins with this, my gift, One Solitary Witch’s Spirit, reaching out to Tara. 

My Circle for Tara:

On the back
Of the dragon
That beneath
Fair Tara sleeps,
I shall dance.

In my Solitary Circle,
I can go anywhere,
Anywhen I wish to be.
And so it comes to pass
That my Spirit flies;
Away to Tara I must go.

Follow me, follow me
Away to Tara all
Spirits do fly.
Called home by
The Hill of Kings’
call to arms.

Across Her breast
None dare reach.
The Furies and Fates
In mighty wrath
Will ever defend
Tara in need.

I call to you
O Spirits of
Wind and Rain.
Bringers of’Storm
Hear our plea
Let Tara remain.

I am calling now
O Eternal Embers,
Stalwart Goddess
Generous and strong.
Fire, do dance
With Lady Earth.

To You I will cry
O Endless Heavens,
Send down your
Timelessness to
Your Fair Daughter.
Sweet Tara’s Hills.

River’s Waters, and
Salty Seas,  rise up.
Green Erin’s Sister.
A part of her Story
Would be forever
Erased, but unforgotten.

Spirit of the Grasses
And flowers of Wild.
Hold fast to Earth
Let not Tara’s
Raiment fair
Be torn away.

Roots of Mighty Oak,
Tendrils of Mistletoe
Reach out your
Partnered arms.
Stay the blade
Ere it wounds Tara.

The light of a thousand
Burning Torches dance
Solstice Bonfire glows.
Beneath the Sickle
Moon’s silvery
Light and Touch.

The fire and courage
Of Epona’s children
Bring your power hence.
The Hill of Kings
To progress should
Never fall.

Blesssed be,
Namaste and amen.
Gwen M. Myers
Of the County Cork Fords.

Rolling Thunder NC 2

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This is my soapbox, where I stand up and speak on what I feel needs to be said.

Yesterday I ranted about prejudice, and today is more of the same thing; except, today I’m not off on a tear about treating ‘disabled’ people the same as the rest of your friends.

Today, I am sharing an e-mail I was sent by an e-friend.  So basically all I really need to say is this.

Don’t  judge someone on appearances alone.

This is what I was sent:

Rolling Thunder NC 2]Viper: Most of you I’d be proud to  know.

 Just to let you know we care.
For all who Know Motorcycle Riders


I  saw you hug your purse

closer to you in the

grocery store line.

But you didn’t see me,

put an extra $10.00

in the collection plate

last Sunday.

I saw you pull

your child closer

when we passed

each other on 

the sidewalk.

But you didn’t see me,

playing Santa

at the local mall   

I saw you  change

your mind about going

into the restaurant.

But you didn’t see me,

attending a meeting

to raise more money 

for the hurricane relief.   

I saw you roll up

your window and

shake your head

when I drove  by.  

But you didn’t see me,

driving behind you

when you flicked your   

cigarette butt

out the car window.  

I saw you frown at me

when I smiled at

your children. 

But you didn’t see me,

when I took

time off from work

to run toys

to the homeless.

I  saw you stare

at my long hair. 

But you didn’t see me,

and my friends

cut ten inches off for 

Locks of Love.   

I saw you roll

your eyes at

our leather coats

and gloves.  

But you didn’t see me,

and my brothers

donate our old coats

and  gloves to those

that had none. 

I saw you look in

fright at my tattoos.

But you didn’t see me  

cry as my children

were born and have 

their names written

over and in my heart.

I saw you change lanes

while rushing off

to go somewhere.  

But you didn’t see me, 

going home to

be with my family. 

I saw you complain

about how loud

and noisy

our bikes can be. 

But you didn’t see me,

when you were

changing the CD and

drifted  into my lane. 

I saw you yelling at

your kids in the car. 

But you didn’t see me 

pat my child’s hands,

knowing he was 

safe behind me. 

I saw you reading the

newspaper or map

as you drove

down the road. 

But you didn’t see me 

squeeze my wife’s leg

when she told me

to take the  next turn.  

I saw you  race down  

the road in the rain. 

But you didn’t see me  

get soaked to the skin

so my son could 

have  the car  

to go on his date. 

I saw you  run

the yellow light 

just to save a

few minutes of time. 

But you didn’t see me 

trying to turn right.

I saw you cut me off

because you needed

to be in the lane I was in. 

But you didn’t see me 

leave the road. 

I saw you,

waiting impatiently 

for my friends to pass.

But you didn’t see me.

I wasn’t there.   

I saw you go home

to your family.

But you didn’t see me. 

Because I died that

day you cut me off.  

I was just a biker. 

A person with friends

and a family.   

But  you didn’t see me.

  Repost this around in hopes that people will understand the biker  community.   I hope you never loose someone that rides.  Have a great week my friends.