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Read ‘Em and Weep??

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I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy the Stepahnie Pui-Mun Law’s “Shadowscapes” Tarot Deck.  It finally arrived Tuesday evening.  I had to try them out, and decided to video the entire layout

The vidoe comes with a challenge for everyone doing the Tarot Journey.  I have included close-ups of all the cards in the layout, and the measnings of each psotion in the layout.

My challenge is for anyone that is unterested, to read and interpret the layout I have shared.  My question was, “What is going to happen in the next year”.

You can find the video at:


Steve and the Neighbours

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This post has two ‘prologues’:

The first is over 20 years ago, when we were living in mid-Mesa, AZ.  We had a trio of cats.  The first was Kliban, the result of a shameful mesalliance between a noble Siamese Queen and a charming rogue of an Alley Cat.  Kliban was a lovely light red and cream tabby cat, with the delicate face of a Siamese, oh, and the voice.  Well to be honest, he was all Siamese, except for the markings.  To anyone that didn’t know Kliban he was an utter terror, to the fortunate few who were accepted into Kliban’s ‘family’ he was utterly devoted, adoring, and protective. 

When our niece, Kryssi, was born we were concerned about how Kliban would react.  He stared for the longest time at the tiny, blanket-wrapped bundle before he moved close enough to smell.  He finally crept close enough to identify the bundle as a human kitten, and not just any kitten, one of ‘his’ human’s kittens!

From that moment on he was the human kitten’s knight-errant.  He defended, groomed, and listened to the baby, when he heard the hungry or dirty cries he would run in search of the nearest member of his family to take care of the baby.

At the same time, Kliban had a couple of cat buddies that lived with us, Boynton and Steve.  Boynton was a long-coated grey tabby that had appeared at the door one day, and moved in as soon as the door was opened.

Steve, like Kliban, belonged to a neighbour to start with, but he chose us over his first home.  Steve was a snow-white short-coated cat with slanted yellow eyes; he was also about half the size as a normal cat.  Boynton was normal-sized and Kliban, well Kliban weighed about 35 pounds (2 stone plus!).

Steve first met us when his human, Y____, brought him over when he visited, Steve found our home so relaxing that he would go home as a limp scrap of white fur, draped over Y___’s arm like a towel over the arm of a waiter in a fine restaurant.  Y___ would look down at his kitten and say, “Steve!  What will the neighbours think??”

The second one is much more recent, last Christmas as a matter of fact.  Mum was given a 2010 Kitten-A-Day Calendar, and she has torn the pages off one-by-one.  I found one of the pages on the floor and it looked like Steve, and was draped over a roll on a cat tree.  I picked it up, began to laugh, and ran for Matt’s room.

I was so excited that I dropped the picture facedown on the floor.  Matt was leery so I picked it up, got it set right, and proudly displayed it while chanting, “Steve!  What will the neighbours think??”

Matt was completely delighted, with it, so I scanned the pic, and started playing with it in PSP.

I added the mask below…


 So I then had this image to work with.


 At which time, I reduced the size of the image, and renamed the image.  I also added the words I wanted to be a part of the finished product.  I used the font ‘Magneto’ and matched the colours to the colours I had used for the backgrounds I wanted to use.


 I made my first background layer by opening a blank page in PSP, flood filling with the yellow from Steve’s eyes.  I then added another mask to the 1st background.



 For the base I used the background below:

The second layer was another blank image, this one was flood filled with a green from the background of the Steve image.

 I then added a third mask to the green layer.



 I resized it to fit the composition I had in mind.


 I then assembled all the images into the composition I wanted, the font provided some needed motion to what was otherwise a rather static image.


I resized the entire image to a more manageable size.


And what was the first name I added to the tag??

 The fully finished project.

The Swami

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Last weekend Mum and Matt were not getting along at all. Every time they were together for more than five minutes they started grumbley-grooing at one another.  Aftewr the umpteenth shouting  match Sunday evening I copped an attitude which sent me into helpless fits of the giggles.

I have been talking  with both of them for six years about finding less… ugly ways to deal with their frustration.  Thus far they haven’t listened much.  That is why I copped the following attitude.

The Swami BinkiGwendu

Kiss my enlightened...


Perhaps a little more explanation is in order.  Thirty years ago, before The SImpsons,  Matt Groening had a comic strip entitled “Life In Hell” that my brothers and I adored.  One of our favourites was when the central character, Binky the Bunny copped an attitude.  He swirled his ears into a turban and pronounced, “I am the Swami Binkynandu, kiss my enlightened ass.”

Of course Jim, Matt, and I adored this.  We went so far as to cut the original comic out of the New Times Weekly and save it.  This was one of many, as well as some of ‘Ernie Pook’s Comeek’.  So when I copped my attitude last week it was Binky the Bunny who inspred me to illustrate my mood.

Decorate your Computer for Halloween

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We decorate our houses, offices and desks for Halloiween, why not decorate our computer? I have created four (count ’em four) Halloween desktops to decorate your computer for Halloween. All you need to do is right–click on the image and then left-click on ‘Set as Desktop Image’, and when you’re ofrfline, that should be the desktop background on your computer. Enjoy!!! If you want to save the images, simply right-click and then click on ‘Save Picture as’, the saving programme will guide you through the process of saving the picture to your computer.

Halloweem Wallpaper 1-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 2-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 3-2009


Halloween Wallpaper 4-2009

Inspiration From Shiloh

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Fourth from Fourth

Fourth from Fourth




Shiloh ( ) posted this meme on her blog recently and I decided to go for it.


First, post the fourth picture from the fourth folder on your computer.  I went to the fourth folder on my computer and it only had 2 pictures.  I tried going one forward and one backward, and those folders contained copyrighted images.  Since that wasn’t working I went to the fourth folder of my photos and found this pic.  Since I am always ready to show off my kitty-girl I was pleased.


Then come the lists of eight!


8 Favourite TV Shows:

1)    Star Trek

2)    The X Files

3)    Night Gallery

4)    Animal Police

5)    The Pink Panther (the original animated series)

6)    Monty Python’s Flying Circus

7)      Planet Earth

8)    Most Evil


8 Things I did Yesterday:

1)    Made Thanksgiving Dinner

2)    Learned to Play Mexican Train Dominoes

3)    Laughed until my sides hurt

4)    Managed to get some of Skye’s feltings removed

5)    Gave Kryssi a small gift

6)    Got awesome hugs from Kryssi and Troy

7)    Had so much fun in the here and now that I forgot I have 2 cameras

8)    Slept for 12 hours straight


8 Things I look forward to:

1)    The next family get-together

2)    Watching Kryssi and Troy’s marriage prosper and grow

3)    Having a book published (someday)

4)    Watching the family young’uns grow up

5)    Continuing to enjoy my partnership with Shiloh

6)    Continuing to work with Soul Food Café

7)    Growing old with Skye

8)    Learning more cool stuff


8 Favourite Restaurants:

1)    Filibertos (what’s not to like about ‘real’ Mexican food?)

2)    Red Lobster (of course)

3)    Good ol’ Kentucky Fried Chicken (they make the best cole slaw- bar none)

4)    Chompies Bagel Factory and Deli

5)    Olive Garden (pretty close to homemade Italian)

6)    Barro’s Chicago Style Pizza (clean restaurant, quality food, and excellent service)

7)    China China  (I love good Chinese food)

8)    Tom’s BBQ (they make these incredible fried onions)


8 things on my ‘Wish List’:

1)                To travel ‘round the world and give my online friends ‘real’ hugs.

2)                To have a number of books published.

3)                To spend days in the Louvre.

4)                To celebrate my Birthday (the Summer Solstice) at Stonehenge.

5)                To reach further back with my family tree, to see of we really are descendants of Petosegay of the Ottowa Peoples.

6)                Hear Bagpipes played in the Scottish Highlands.

7)                Visit Ireland to see where my Irish ancestors came from.

8)                To meet the members of my favourite band.  (Rush)

My Li’l Buddy

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Should I name her AMM?

Should I name her AMM?

A few months ago my brother Matt was junketing with Mum and found this delightful gargoyle, and said he knew it was supposed to be mine.
For those that aren’t familiar with the term, ‘junketing’ is what we call shopping in the second hand stores.  We might go a couple months without junketing, but when we want  to go junketing, we usually find something that is ‘perfect’ for a member of the family and family by choice.
Whether it is an elephant for Matt, a cat for Mum, a Wolf for me, and so on, or a book that we can get at an amazing price ($4 for a like-new hardcover copy of a favourite author) junketing is a pastime for so many of the family that we will swap tales of what we found like some people trade anecdotes or bad jokes.
Anywhooodlz, as soon as I saw this gargoyle (I know it isn’t a guy-goyle-gggrrrrrooooooaaaaannnnnnn!!!) I fell in love with her, she sits to my left on my desk, and oversees everything that goes on in my bedroom/home office/den/library.

Just In Time For The Full Moon

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I have my second video up and running, in time for the full Moon, I present to you:




Enjoy my dears!