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*gasp!* Two posts in one week!!

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At the same time that Shiloh ( ) dared me to write the Japanese forms she also shared a writing prompt from

Soul Food Cafe’s ( ) 

Anita Marie Moscoso ( ). 

I have played with the idea of a wicked garden and below is the poem I wrote from the prompt.  I hope you enjoy it.



In my wicked garden

Mandrake roots twist,

Silent cries of delight.

Poppies bloom in riotous

Red, labile and ready

Bleeding somnolence.

Fairy fingers in purple

Lavender and pink,

Brown freckled petals.

Wolfsbane blooms,

Eerily white under

The soaring full moon.

Throughout my wicked garden

Are hidden bowers,

Sanctuaries for lovers.

Trellised roses bloom

Madly open to the sun

White, yellow, and red.

Bougainvillea riots,

Untrimmed and untamed,

Passionate pink blooms.

Beneath their branches,

Beds of petals await

The dreams of lovers.

Found in my wicked garden

Love apples ripen

Hues of green and red.

Beyond the statues of

Bare limbs twining

In passionate embrace.

The perfume of blossoms

Night Blooming Jasmine

Floats through the senses.

Crickets romancing the

Ladies with their song

Their instrument is their legs.

I plant my wicked garden

By the rising of the moon

Watered well with desire.

Plants are fed through

Caresses and soft sighs

The dance of romance.

Unpruned, and left to

Grow as it will

Not tame or precise.

The garden grows with

The speed of love,

And flavours of dreams.