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                                                                                                                                                            YOU WILL NEED:

White facial tissue, 2-ply

White cotton sewing thread

Black marker

Small Scissors

Assorted Fun Size candy




Meet my assistant, Lucifee Happypaws O’Hooligan!



Start by laying the tissue flat on the table. Put the candy in the centre of the tissue.  I used 3 different kinds of candy.     


Pull up the corners of the tissue. Tie the tissue around the candy, draw the face on the tissue where the candy is, and, cut the the loose ends of the tissue to make it look raggedy.   


                                                       DSCF0018Adj.Rs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For the longer candy packages, tie two tissues together at 1 end, add the candy and tie it into both tissues.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After all the candy are packed into tissues, take one of each kind of candy and a 2 foot length of the thread.  Tie each candy about 1/3 of the way along the thread so it looks like this.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When the Trick-or-Treaters come, toss the candy across the room so the ghosts ‘fly’ before they are put in the treat bag!    

                                                                                                                                                         Happy Halloween!!


Another Cool Writing Meme

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My friend Shiloh also turned me onto this form of poetry, and I intend to have a great deal of fun with it!


You can see Shiloh’s response here:


I think she has quite  a hand for this form.


Shoulder to the Sea


Let It Be

Let the Sunshine

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Sunshine of my Love

Love the One You’re With

Loves Me Like A Rock

Rock the Nation

Rock and Roll All Night

Night Moves

Night Chicago Died

Died on the Blue Highway

Dies In Your Arms Tonight

Tonight, Tonight

Tonight’s the Night

Nights In White Satin

Night Time

Time Out For Fun

Time of the Night

Night on Bald Mountain

Night Music

Music of the Spheres

Music Man

Man of La Mancha

Man on the Silver Mountain

Mountain Hop (Misty)

(Aint’t No) Mountain High

High Hopes

High Summer

Summer of ‘69

Summer In The City

City of New Orleans

City of the Condemned

Condemned System

System Failure

System Breakdown

Breakdown in ¾

Breakdown (Keep Moving)

Moving In Stereo

Moving Pictures

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Pictures of Home

Home Sweet Home

Home By the Sea

Sea of Mercy

Sea & Sand




I’ve been Inspired Again

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My friend Shiloh,, you remember Shiloh?  Finds some cool writing memes, and this one is no exception.  I had myself a challenging good time writing my response to this meme.


Pick a band/artist:

I chose-Harry Chapin

“All My Life’s A Circle”

Are you male or female? The moon rolls through the nighttime.

Describe yourself: All my life’s a circle.

How do you feel about yourself?   Seems like I’ve been here before.

Describe your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend:  Just like a children’s game.

Describe your current boy/girl situation: And as I see you here again.

Describe your current location: Sunrise and Sundown

Describe where you want to be: And so far, no dead ends.

Your best friend is:  I’ve found you a thousand times.

Your favorite color is: The seasons’ spinning round again

You know that: Our love is like a circle.

What’s the weather like? Till the daybreak comes around.

If your life was a television show what would it be called?  Let’s go round one more time.

What is life to you?   No straight lines make up my life.

What is the best advice you have to give?  Let’s go ‘round one more time.

If you could change your name what would you change it to? Circle (Circe)

*smirking to myself*


Thursday Thirteen

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Shiloh is a constant source for things to blog for me, and this is the first in a continuing  series of blogging memes.  They are called the Thursday Thirteen, and I am starting with Thirteen Things about me, for every letter of the alphabet.  Today is the letter “A”.











1: Adventurous- for me an adventure is anything from checking out a new website to camping in the middle of Mr. Black Bear’s territory.

2: Artistic- this blog and some others are full of my artistic endevours, not only pencil, pen and ink, and watercolour paintings, there is also digital art, prose and poetry that I can claim as my work.


3: Angelic:  I don’t know about this, there have been people that call me an angel, but I’ve torn too much of my clothes on my devil-horns to accept that.


4: Amethyst: one of the June birthstones, and one of my birthstones.


5: Astrologian- I am a student of astrology, I neither teach nor practice it, just study it.


6: Ambassadress, I consider mtself an Ambasadress for my faith (Wicca).  I hope that I can help to forge greater understanding and acceptance between traditionally antagoinistic faiths.


7: Ambidextrous- to a point, mostly from uncontrolled multi-tasking!  LOL


8: Anti-functional fixedness- I can think up more uses for one thing, a good example is my pen-knife, I call it my Multi-putpose tool.  I use it to clean under my nails, scrape gooey stuff off a surface, sharpen pencils, and so forth.


9: Associative- as in free-associative, when someone says a w0rd I will see a nymber of different images I associate with that word.


10: Androgynyous- I don’t restrict my interests because they are ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, I enjoy drag racing as much as I do cooking, and playing with automobiles as much as sewing, crocheting or embroidery.


11: Anachronistic- I have always felt out of place, step and time in the world as it is now.  That helps explain my preference for tales out of time and world.


12: American- as in Daughters of the American Revolution, which I could be if I so desired, my Mum’s Aunt is a member.


13: Angry- something I prefer to not be!!  LOL

Another fun little quiz

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My friend Shiloh had this fun little quiz on her blog (, so I thought it would be fun to give it a whirl myself.


Copy and paste this quiz to your blog, and then fill in your own answers! It’s fun! (So they say…)

Five names you go by:
1) Gwen
2) Miss Gwen
3) GwenGuin
4) Gwenerrella

5) Gwennie

Three things you are wearing right now:
1) Plaid flannel boxers
2) Faded blue tank top
3) My tortoise shell banana clip.

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1) For Mum to feel better
2) To be able to meet my special online friends face-to-face.

Three people who may fill this out:
1) Jo
2) Lynda

3) Chrys

Two things you did last night:
1) Waded thr0gh 100+ pieces of mail in my AOL inbox.
2) Started work on a post for this blog.l

Two things you ate today:
1) A breakfast Sandwich from Wendy’s.
2) These round little tater tot creatures, also from Wendy’s

People you last talked to on the phone:
1) Matt
2) My Psychiatrist’d office.

Two things you are going to do (or already did) today:
1) Add a new post to my personal blog.

2) Finish the post I started last night.

Two of the longest road trips:
1) Phoenix AZ. to Flint MI.
2) Tempe AZ. to Corvallis, OR.

Three of your favorite beverages:
1) Classic Coke
2) Bottled Water (preferably Dasani)
3) Ice cold 2% Milk

What You’re Grateful For

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As I said in the previous post, I asked friends what they were grateful for, and here are the responses O recieved:



From PSP With Friends:



My Gratitude list:


1.  My Heavenly Father

2. My family

3.  My pets

4.  My good friends & my Internet family

5.  My health

6.  My blessings from the Heavenly Father

7.  My ability to grow wiser, financially, spiritually.

8.  My hobbies.

9.  The chance to be a blessing to others.

10.  The change of the seasons.



Ten things I am Grateful For:

Lord Jesus
My Mom
All my wonderful Friends and extend family
The love for PSP and sharing with others
All the animals in this world
To have a life of my own once again.
To be in the country and enjoy nature all around me.
Clothes to wear and food in my stomach
Gladness  to be able to smile and also to shed tears for friends, family and my own sorrows at times.
Glad for all the wonderful people I have met in my life, each one has given me the best gift of all, a place in my heart.




Ten Things I am Grateful For

my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
my husband and best friend, Chuck
my  family
my church family
my Learn PSP family
my friends
my animal babies
To have a roof over my head
Food on my table
clothes on my back
and each and everyone of you! opps that`s eleven!
MaryLou Wescott




From Dane’s Ladies



That one makes you stop & think , Good Question :


1. Life

2. Family

3. Friends

4. A Roof Over Our Head    

4. Food in our bellies

5. A Car To Get Places

6. A Job To Make Money

7. My Health

8. My Pets , Beagle { Peanut }

9. Coffee . lol

10. God , That is Good To Us





If any of my reraders would like to add their 10 Things I am grateful for list, you can post it as a comment here, or send it to me in an e-mail at, mark the e-mal re: 10 Things so I know it isn’t spam.

Gratitude- Ten Things

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My friend Shiloh threw a blog party to celebrate gratitude, and I am still thinking about gratitude.  I asked friends to tell me what they’re grateful for, as well as asking my Mum.  Since Mum is here with me she wrote her list on a piece of paper.  The list so charmed and delighted me that I had to scan it and post her list as she wrote it.

This is Our Bomba

I know it sounds rather silly, but Mum is in pain so much of the time that she is sadly cranky, her list was 100% ‘Our Bomba’.  I was so soked to see that Bomba that I wanted to show her off, as well as the darling drawing she put on her list.  I’ve always envied Mum her ability to do those quick sketches that remind me of a DaVinci study.


Bomba is Grateful For

Bomba is Grateful For