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Gwenerrella Sees A Horror Film

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gwenerrela with Cat“I wanna tell ya about da movie I seed yesterday. It was about killer flies!!”


“Dis rich man wanned ta build a place for people dat gots no house ta lib in.”


“Dere was dese guys from da prison buryin’ people dat dinnunt have no money inna place called ‘Potters Feeled’.”


” But there wasn’t no pots anywheres.”


“An’ dere was a lady from da police who waned ta ‘dennify a dead lady.”


“Day were all onna eye-land togedder, an’ da flies killed da rich man’s friend.”


“When ebbery buddy tried to find da rich mans friend, dey looked and lookeded more anna flies was watchin’ ‘em look.”


“When dey finded da rich mans friend the flies larv-eggs had eated him allmos alla way gone.”

 The Larv-Egg Man

”He dinnunt hav a face no more. It was all larv-eggs wigglin!”


“Den dem flies started ta kill evverbuddy else too! Not all togedder, they killed ‘em one and then another one, slow-like.”


“Me an my brudders were watchiun’ and laffin’. When dey would show dem larv-eggs we’d holler “Larv-eggs!” an’ run out a da libbing room.”


“Just when we was gonna find out if da larv-eggs getted evverbuddy Momma called us to dinner.”


“She askded us why we dinnunt want no rice an’ all we could do was laff.”


Haunted By “The Haunting In Connecticut”

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I admit it, I love the horror film genre.  I grew up on them, and I cut my horror film teeth on the likes of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and the unparralelled  Gods: Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney, Jr.. 


Granted, there were plenty of stinkers which became the source of helpless laughter of those around us at either the theatre or drive-in.   We saw “Friday the 13th,Pt. 3 in 3-D” at the theatre, It was Mum,  her three children born, and a passel of neighbourhood kids that wished they had a Mum like ours.  My brother Jim worked in Housekeeping at the nearby hospital, and he had put in a rough shift before we went to the theatre. 


Unfortunately he fell asleep holding his super-sized cola, his grip held until about 30 seconds before one of the climaxe s.  *KA-Rashhhh-splashhhh!!*  Cola and ice scattered as the whole audience audibly gasped then laughed in embarrasment. 


Which was when the the gory weapon smeared across the screen and blood flowed, the girl screamed in obviously pretend pain.  The audience  was yelling and scared witless.  Poor Jim awoked in time to see the girl be slaughtered, he jerked awake, chuffed in utter shock, and cussed sogftly to himself before laughing with his mother, sister, and brother.


I didn’t plan to babble on for a page or so before getting into the reason for today’s review. Today’s film is the new horror film, “The Haunting in Connecticut”  From the clips and the present state of computer-generated special effects I knew that it should be a visual stunner,  but would the story have a pseudopod to stand on?


Mum rented it from the local ‘Red Box’ kiosk Friday and we settled in to scare ourselves silly!  I knew Mum would be hooked before the opening credits were over.  I can’t give away the movie for those that haven’t seen it, but I can guarantee that you will be glued to it. 


The story is as powerful as it is true, and unfolds like origami, facets and layers galore.  The actors were all good, and the characters they created were believable and 3-dimensional.  The special effects were excellently done, with a delicate precision.


This film did something that almost no horror film can claim to do, as the final credits were running  I ws  filled with a warm resurgence of faith.  Yes faith!  From a horror film no less.  But what a horror film.  I told Mum  that I would be keeping my eye out to buy this as a ‘keepy’ film, and I am serious.  Not  only is it excellent entertainment, it is based on a true story, and cracking good film-making.  So, if you’ve a taste for horror films,  this one won’t disappoint.