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The Swami

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Last weekend Mum and Matt were not getting along at all. Every time they were together for more than five minutes they started grumbley-grooing at one another.  Aftewr the umpteenth shouting  match Sunday evening I copped an attitude which sent me into helpless fits of the giggles.

I have been talking  with both of them for six years about finding less… ugly ways to deal with their frustration.  Thus far they haven’t listened much.  That is why I copped the following attitude.

The Swami BinkiGwendu

Kiss my enlightened...


Perhaps a little more explanation is in order.  Thirty years ago, before The SImpsons,  Matt Groening had a comic strip entitled “Life In Hell” that my brothers and I adored.  One of our favourites was when the central character, Binky the Bunny copped an attitude.  He swirled his ears into a turban and pronounced, “I am the Swami Binkynandu, kiss my enlightened ass.”

Of course Jim, Matt, and I adored this.  We went so far as to cut the original comic out of the New Times Weekly and save it.  This was one of many, as well as some of ‘Ernie Pook’s Comeek’.  So when I copped my attitude last week it was Binky the Bunny who inspred me to illustrate my mood.


My Li’l Buddy

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Should I name her AMM?

Should I name her AMM?

A few months ago my brother Matt was junketing with Mum and found this delightful gargoyle, and said he knew it was supposed to be mine.
For those that aren’t familiar with the term, ‘junketing’ is what we call shopping in the second hand stores.  We might go a couple months without junketing, but when we want  to go junketing, we usually find something that is ‘perfect’ for a member of the family and family by choice.
Whether it is an elephant for Matt, a cat for Mum, a Wolf for me, and so on, or a book that we can get at an amazing price ($4 for a like-new hardcover copy of a favourite author) junketing is a pastime for so many of the family that we will swap tales of what we found like some people trade anecdotes or bad jokes.
Anywhooodlz, as soon as I saw this gargoyle (I know it isn’t a guy-goyle-gggrrrrrooooooaaaaannnnnnn!!!) I fell in love with her, she sits to my left on my desk, and oversees everything that goes on in my bedroom/home office/den/library.