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                                                                                                                                                            YOU WILL NEED:

White facial tissue, 2-ply

White cotton sewing thread

Black marker

Small Scissors

Assorted Fun Size candy




Meet my assistant, Lucifee Happypaws O’Hooligan!



Start by laying the tissue flat on the table. Put the candy in the centre of the tissue.  I used 3 different kinds of candy.     


Pull up the corners of the tissue. Tie the tissue around the candy, draw the face on the tissue where the candy is, and, cut the the loose ends of the tissue to make it look raggedy.   


                                                       DSCF0018Adj.Rs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For the longer candy packages, tie two tissues together at 1 end, add the candy and tie it into both tissues.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After all the candy are packed into tissues, take one of each kind of candy and a 2 foot length of the thread.  Tie each candy about 1/3 of the way along the thread so it looks like this.  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When the Trick-or-Treaters come, toss the candy across the room so the ghosts ‘fly’ before they are put in the treat bag!    

                                                                                                                                                         Happy Halloween!!


Six Word Stories’ Halloween Story

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It is time to get geared up for Halloween.  Shiloh and I started with a batch of our six-word stories, on a seasonal theme.  Below are the 13 I wrote, the ones I got my Mum to write, and the link to Shiloh’s posted on her blog.


Kiss a frog?  I’ll get warts!

Dancing shadows can excite the imagination.

Looming shadow groans.  Is it Frankenstein?

Stalking the prey.  Carefully placed footsteps.

A gleam of fangs.  Vampyre’s kiss.

To do list- tune up broom.

Blood of flitter-mouse goes in cauldron.

Harvest mandrake root for serious magic.

Tiny princess runs from bogeyman brother.

Trick or treat shout costumed children.

Goblin wants my candy.  Must run! 

Goodie bag stretches, too much candy.

One more story before bed kids.

After I had these 13 I thought of another-

Too much candy?  Take this medicine.

Mum’s are:

Zombies attack.  Flee, flee!  Too late.

Black Cats.  HIgh fence.  Night music.

In her hair, Bat’s beware- Batmobile!

Vampire Picnic.  Midnite tonight.  Blood Bank.

Conjure sleep.  Count spiders, not sheep.

You can find Shiloh’s at:

Nursing Home Halloween

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Once upon a time, not so long ago in my family’s history, my parents were already separated, and Mum was working three part-time jobs to support us. We already knew quite a few of the patients, we went there after school and played with the patients until Mum was finished with work and all four of us walked home together. 


Often we would stop at the house and get our silver-and-black Alsatian (German Shepherd), Tina and take her to the nursing home, where she would make the rounds, visiting with every patient that responded to her presence.  I still remember her sitting by the side of someone confined to a wheelchair and resting her head on their lap, they would beam and stroke her gently.


I think the supervisors turned a blind eye to our visits and our dog’s because the visits became something for the patients to look forward to.  When we would arrive in the dayroom, there would standing room only of the folks that came to called Grandma or Grandpa, play with ‘grandkids’, and pet the dog instead of sitting in their rooms waiting to pass over.


One of my personal favourites was Grandma Buddha, with her crown of silver braids that wrapped around her head twice, she would chatter blissfully away in Hungarian and I would sit next her nodding and smiling.


I learned my first word in Hungarian when our cat Toulouse followed us all the way to nursing home, and in as well.  Grandma Buddha took one look at Toulouse’s handsome steel blue and silvery white markings and his wide bright golden yellow eyes, and began calling, “Macska!”


Toulouse found visiting the nursing home to be delightful, He, too, like Tina, would go from patient to patient, and be petted and called by the names of cats long-since gone on to be rosebushes and memories.


Halloween came and we needed costumes for school, as well as for trick-or-treating.  We didn’t have the money to buy the costumes so Mum got creative. I was Holly Hobbie, replete with the bonnet that Holly wore, brim stiffened with a paper grocery bag.


My brother Matt became a small, slender Frankenstein, who wheezed his way through school and trick-or-treating, before going to the hospital to get injected with Adrenaline, and then Susferin, before he and I stayed up all night, watching spooky movies and laughing at them.


Jim had the costume of the year, at the nursing home, at school and trick-or-treating.  Mum had gone through the nursing home’s bedding, and torn the poorest of the sheets into strips, she used these to wrap Jim, who was clad in pink long johns, left over from the year he went as a baby.


When Mum finished wrapping Jim he started walking down the hall in the Nursing Home, known as “Bare-A## Manor”, one of our favourite patients, Leila, took one look at Jim and pointed a long, slender chocolate coloured finger at him while going, “Oohh!  Oohh!  Oohh!  Oohh!!!  Babybabybaby…” 


Jim went over close to our friend and Leila patted his wrappings and murmured wordless distress for almost five minutes before she lost interest, and began trying to free herself to wander the halls in the altogether.


The ABC’s of Halloween

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A: Actions to suit the month, whether it be wearing costumes or watching your spooky favourites for the umpteenth time. ‘Tis time for buying some new horror films, stock up on munchies and soda, and settle in to scare yourself silly.

B: The Bean Sidhe, wailing her warning across the Emerald Isle and far beyond. Like all good legends she has cried across the planet, and people who have never been to Erin’s Green hills know her name.

C: Cats, especially black ones with eyes like steady flames, arching and hissing in the dark. Their lithe movements on silent paws, and delicate whiskers are full of the grace of a true predator

D: Darkness, darkness, surrounding you and hiding what could be after you. Oohh what shadows can become when you add just a little imagination to the mix!

E: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks, and plenty of them, the closer we get to Halloween night, the more there is. From horrible masks and stage blood to gauze-wrapped mummies, there is plenty to shriek at.

F: Fear, shivering along your nerve trunks and roiling slowly in your belly. Nibbling your fingernails and shakin’ in your shoes at the drive-in scary- still the best way to see a movie.

G: “…ghosties and ghoulies, and other horrors that we carry from our childhood and teen years. Every Town U.S.A.’s The Ghost of Mr. _____, The Killer on ________ Road, Ghostly Hitchhiker, and other urban legends to share with the next generation of locals.

H: Halloween, the night we all wait for, when we play at being something else, and blow off our diets for ‘just a couple days’. Will there be a full moon? Should the kids wear sweaters under their costumes? Maybe we should just throw a party here instead of trick-or-treating. When I was a kid-kid that was the awfullest of sacrileges!!

I: Ideas, the kind that get stuck in your brain and repeat mindlessly. Like… If you look at it this way doesn’t that grain pattern in the bathroom door look just like a werewolf stalking you? And there’s another one, and further up a third werewolf growing out of the wood!

J: Jack-O-Lantern, the iconic grinning pumpkin, hollowed out and carved to frighten away the restless, unhappy spirits. The first ones were hollowed turnips, and held a wee candle. Today you can buy pre-carved faux Jacks-O-Lanterns…. Ick.

K: Killers, psychotic and otherwise that have films released at this time of year. Michael Myers in Haddonfield (no relation to moi) is still going strong after 30 years. So is Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees, and there is always the killer du jour being touted at the theatre.

L: Little Green Men, exiting their spaceships with evil intent, and super-weapons to destroy us with. Whether it be Martians, the Pod People, Klingons, ET, the Drakkon or H. R. Giger’s sleekly deadly creature of Ridley Scott’s “Alien”, aliens can be counted upon to supply all sorts of interesting twists

M: Monsters!! Like the Mummy, Werewolf, and Count Dracula, creeping up to the newest ones. The classics didn’t scare me, I thought Dracula was the coolest, the Wolfman’s howl set my pulses racing, and to be a Mummy, surely it must be bliss to a Mummy.

N: Necromancy- the Black Art, and its practitioner, the Necromancer. There will always be the bad seed, how can we choose to serve the good if we don’t know what the bad is? Seeing the glimpses of a psychotic killer’s life would surely cure one of self-pity.

O: Overnight parties, piled into a bed with family and friends, scaring yourself silly with one horror film after another. There is always the one who will, if dared enough, go outside and make that scary noise from the show we wasn’t apposed’ta watch outside the girls’ bedroom window.

P: Popcorn Balls, wrapped loosely in plastic wrap, made by hand the day of the celebration. They are best fresh from the kitchen, hot and buttery, their scent finding every corner of your house.

Q: Queer ideas, that circle ‘round your brain a-widdershins, shadows in a private balefire of madness. I wonder if you could get rid of a body with pool acid? How nasty does oleander taste? I wonder if someone could really kill a person with fish filter charcoal?

R: Rotting corpses that are always left where the unsuspecting townspeople will be sure to find them. Not one of the victims in the ‘slasher’ movies is given a decent burial. Nope, they just hang around and decompose!

S: Scary Decorations-and Haunted Houses to shriek your way through. From Hospital X-rays’ bats made from old films, to the charmingly lopsided older child’s’ first pumpkin carving attempt.

T: Tombstones- old and new, bidding the dear departed to Rest In Peace, instead of haunting us. The neat rows of a new graveyard, with flat plaques on the ground look desolate, while the genteel, wandering grace of 19th century Cemeteries announce their place in the cycle of life proudly.

U: Undead, the drinkers of Blood, pointed of tooth and pallid of aspect. They stalk our sleeping hours away. Blessed with so many facets by their Dark Gift, and cursed to never see a sunrise or sunset.

Villains: Whether it be ‘Pinhead’, “Hannibal Lecter’ or the Blob, the villains are always lurking in the shadows. The bad guy lurks in our subconscious always ready to take over our rationality. W:

Werewolves, howling, and hunting their prey under a cold, uncaring full moon. You know them, the pack that lives in the wild places near your home. Have you ever felt the pull of their hunting song? Your soul has wanted to sing back to them, I can see it in your eyes.

 X: Extra-scary, the scenes in the movies where we jump and scream, then laugh shamefacedly; or worse, crawl into bed with Mum for security. That scene that sends your worst fears gibbering mindlessly your mind, yes… that one.

Y: Yelling, “Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat, Give me something good to eat!” And then later, happily swapping candy with your siblings and friends. How many hours have been spent in happy arguments over the benefits of Mounds over Milky Way, or plain M&Ms versus Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Z: Zombies- Groaning and lurching their way into your subconscious, hungry for living flesh, and brains. They are comical in a mindless, appetite-driven sort of way… I think….

More Halloween News

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Halloweenshire Times



 Louann Garou


Halloween is less than a week away, and all the Hostess’ with the Mostess’ are getting together prizes for their Halloween Bash Games. This year some of the Hostess’ were generous enough to share their favourite games.


The most famous Hostess is none other than ‘Mina Dracul author of the best-selling “Fangs of Destiny”. Mina’s family delights in the ever-popular “Pop Goes the Zombie”; they play it regularly with delighted guests.


Apparently, the Zombies are all volunteers, I wondered why a Zombie would volunteer for this game, and Mina explained that Zombies continue to decompose and eventually all their teeth will fall out, at which point they would starve to death. So those Zombies are the grateful volunteers for “Pop Goes the Zombie”.


Elsa L. Stein, wife of the prominent Dentist Frank N. Stein, are famous for their rowdy rounds of “Musical Coffins”, I have personally witnessed the consequences of a dybbuk and a dragon fighting over the remaining coffin. That incident was the cause of the controversial ‘No use of fire allowed’ ruling of 80 years ago.


Elsa has the thoughtfulness to have made special coffins for the game that are easy to get in and out of and are still sturdy; best of all, Elsa says, is that they stack neatly when not in use.


The Poulter-Geist family delight in “Hide and Go Shriek”, Paula Yakkity Poulter-Geist, the renowned architect, designed their home to be full of cubbies and hiding places. Their large, rowdy family often have their games ended on account of daylight.


Another perennial favourite is the primary coffin class game of “Spook, Spook, Ghost”; this game delights wee ghosties of all ages. This game has easy-to-remember rules, and the potential for all sorts of personalised variants.


The Poulter-Geist family often does this over their graves, and the Zombies bounce aimlessly off another until the last zombie that hasn’t been bounced is declared the winner.


My own family loves a busy round of “Pin The Tail On The Werewolf”, and yes, the clips that hold the tails in place are patented. We’re working on variants for all of the Halloweenish species.


As our pack has slowly grown, we’ve had to add more tails as well as add the “No Double-Tailing Rule” of 1935. Now there are enough of us we can each have 20 tails, and not tail every member of the pack. We’ve also added different colours and some colour schemes so every pack member has different tails.


Other Halloweenshire favourites are the “Reverse Hangman” with fresh corpses. “Bobbing for Organs”, and “Spin The Poison Bottle”.

Halloween News!!

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Devil Sightings in Area

Green Bay, Wisconsin AP/UPI Over the past year or two there have been numerous sighting of what is known colloquially as the ‘Jersey Devil’ in the area surrounding Green Bay. Cryptozoologist, André Freem theorises that the Devil has come to Wisconsin in search of a mate.


Witnesses to the Devil’s movements report that he doesn’t seem to be as much threatening as intense, and driven. He has been reported in local pubs, and restaurants that are equipped with WiFi, as well as institutions of higher learning.


Apparently women do not need to fear the Devil, unless they try to use their ‘feminine wiles’, as he is resistant to these behaviors and may lash out verbally in response.


Local authorities claim that there have been no reports of violence or aggression in connection to the sightings, and that the Devil appears to be an intelligent and disciplined being.


Any new sightings of the Devil should be reported to 1-800-THE-DEVL (843-3385), this is a local branch of the World-Wide Cryptozoology Organization.

Gotta Have Music!

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We can’t have Halloween without appropriate music, and, thanks to a special friend, we have a nice selection of spooky MIDI sequences to choose from.

Adams Family-


Night On Bald Mountain-




Black Sabbath-



Diary of a Madman-












Graveyard Symphony-






Haunted Mansion 1-7-


Monster Mash-






Scissor Hands-




Tales from the Crypt-


Twiglight Zone-