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Devil Sightings in Area

Green Bay, Wisconsin AP/UPI Over the past year or two there have been numerous sighting of what is known colloquially as the ‘Jersey Devil’ in the area surrounding Green Bay. Cryptozoologist, André Freem theorises that the Devil has come to Wisconsin in search of a mate.


Witnesses to the Devil’s movements report that he doesn’t seem to be as much threatening as intense, and driven. He has been reported in local pubs, and restaurants that are equipped with WiFi, as well as institutions of higher learning.


Apparently women do not need to fear the Devil, unless they try to use their ‘feminine wiles’, as he is resistant to these behaviors and may lash out verbally in response.


Local authorities claim that there have been no reports of violence or aggression in connection to the sightings, and that the Devil appears to be an intelligent and disciplined being.


Any new sightings of the Devil should be reported to 1-800-THE-DEVL (843-3385), this is a local branch of the World-Wide Cryptozoology Organization.