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Read ‘Em and Weep??

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I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy the Stepahnie Pui-Mun Law’s “Shadowscapes” Tarot Deck.  It finally arrived Tuesday evening.  I had to try them out, and decided to video the entire layout

The vidoe comes with a challenge for everyone doing the Tarot Journey.  I have included close-ups of all the cards in the layout, and the measnings of each psotion in the layout.

My challenge is for anyone that is unterested, to read and interpret the layout I have shared.  My question was, “What is going to happen in the next year”.

You can find the video at:


Found Poetry

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My friend Shiloh did a post on Found Poetry a couple days ago {}  and I thought that I would give it a try, Since almost all of my fiction books await me in storage, I went ahead and used books form my grimoire they ended up being books that accompany two of my Tarot decks: The Wheel of Change Tarot and the Thoth-Crowley Tarot.


The Thoth-Crowley is the deck I use the most for my personal queries, and the card I have chosen as my Significator was one of the cards that the book opened to; The Queen of Wands (or Staves, or Batons).  Since she appeared and she reflects a lot of what the affirmations are saying I have also used the post for my tarot Journey with the Rumi Tarot.



Found Poetry One:

Wheel of Change Tarot



The Fool is

An expression of the

Possibilities that

Cannot be fixed,

And are open-ended.


The Hermit represents

What is really

True and right

For you

 Is within you

Waiting to be noticed.

The Wheel of Fortune

Asks you to

Make an opportunity

For self-understanding and

Self-growth through the

Mirror of the outer world.

From the Three of Wands

We learn that

The personal goal

Is to use your creative power

In a way that enhances

Your own life and

The lives of others.

On the Ace of Cups

The central Cup

Is the Ardagh Chalice

One of the

Finest examples of

Early Christian Celtic art.
 It represents

The soul’s journey

Toward the setting sun

And the Western Lands.


The Lands of Shadow

And Darkness. 

It is there

That we discover

Our deepest passions

and make connexions

With others that

transcend our limitations



Found Poetry Two

The Thoth-Crowley Tarot Deck




This one speaks from The Thoth-Crowley Tarot Deck, which is my personal favourite for Spiritual Lessons.   I think I will use a series of the Affirmations from this deck.



I am now ready for the new beauty in my life.
(Princess of Discs or Pentacles)

I find the strength I now need in my centre.
(Three of Wands or Staves)

I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.
(Art or Temperance)

I know more and more clearly who I am.  This recognition leads to the full development of my personal strength.
(Nine of Wands or Staves)

I am loved, simply because I am the way that I am.
(Nine of Swords)

I am a radiant being filled with Light and Love.
(Queen of Wands or Staves)

I am now ready to give everything and receive everything.
(Three of Discs or Pentacles)

I have the power and virtue to reflect and know.
(Three of Wands or Staves)

I relax and trust Life.
(Eight of Discs or Pentacles)

I have the courage to believe that all that happens in my life serves for the best.

(Seven of Discs or Pentacles)



Gratitude and the Harmonic Convergence

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A word of warning to those who read this: I am crazy, my friend Shiloh will attest to this.  I was debating on whether to say anything about this or not.  The crux of the matter is this-I feel that I must say something about it.

I have long been a student of both world mythology, and comparative faiths.  Putting aside labels and preconceptions allows anyone to see what I have seen.

The truth is so simple that we often overlook it, and resort to labels and stereotypes for the sake of comfort.  Setting them aside is a sobering and uplifting experience, to realise that all ‘real’ faiths are rooted deeply into the same spiritual soil.  We all (seperate faiths) believe in a Creative Power higher than ourselves, and that Power bases our ideals in the most powerful, transformative emotion we express.


I understand if the old labels and stereotypes stand in your way for a time, that is human nature; to remain within a comfort zone, as it were.  Those of us that are close enough to our personal Deity (ies), in an everyday, practical manner will see the logic and truth in what I am saying.   Different styles of worshipping are much like the different flavours (races) are simply a matter of geography.  If some of you are upset by this and stop reading, I understand and hold no hard feelings for any of you.  For those that do continue on this journey, welcome, and love overflowing to you.

Now, I’m sure a great deal of you reading know of the Harmonic Convergence expected on 20, December 2012.  So many people are calling the End Times, and the End of the World.  I cannot agree with that.  Simply read the Biblical passage, to paraphrase, “And there was a New Heaven and Earth, for the Old Heaven and Earth had passed away.”.  That does not sound like the End of Everything, more like a rebirth on all levels.

Rebirth, it means- to be reborn after a death, whether real or symbolic.  In the Christian faiths one is considered to be reborn through commitment to the laws of God.

In Wicca it is the rebirth of fertility and life at the Vernal Equinox.  On any road, faith rooted in love celebrates and thanks the Deity (ies) for Their Love and Generosity.

About a year ago a special friend of mine taught me how to ‘read’ crystals.  I found and purchased a pair of lovely quartz crystals before that, and I have been slowly reading them.  Being a learning junkie, I read all sorts of informational texts, as well as being addicted to NatGeoTV, History Channel, and so forth.

I watched the show that NatGeoTV did on the giant crystal cave that was found in Mexico.  That was not too long after I began dreaming in another language, not one of romance languages mind you.  That would not have surprised me; I have learned some French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Hungarian, and Romany.  I didn’t recognise the language I was dreaming in, but I understood it.

My dear friend, Shiloh, turned me on to a Foreign Language Dictionary site.  I downloaded languages I understood, and then branched out, getting dictionaries in Tibetan, and Sanskrit as well as Old English and Old Norse.

One day, for giggles and grins, I decided to wander through the dictionaries to see if I could find anything that was similar to the language I was dreaming in.  After a few tries that came up with nothing, I peeked into the Sanskrit-English Dictionary, and there were the words that I still remembered months later.  Not only did I recognise them in print, they were applicable to the other specifics of the dream.  That was weird enough for me to pay closer attention to the things that were cropping up in my everyday life.  These little things began to add up (to me anywhooodlz) to a big something.

As I am writing this I intuit that (after another reading of my biggest crystal) we, all of mankind are supposed to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence with worldwide prayers of Celebration and Thanksgiving, each in the manner of our own faith, during the time of the exact convergence.  I further feel that this unified front of faith is what is needed to usher in the ‘New Heaven and Earth”.


For those that are interested, the exact phrase that I hear is “Raghuttama raNa” pronounced- ‘Ray whoo tama rah-ah nay’.  The phrase refers to (to the best of my knowledge) honouring the two 2 greatest warriors of the Raghu race.

I intuit that this is the phrase that the Keepers of the ‘Key Crystals’ are supposed to sing as a round or chant, a capella.

Soprano, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

     2nd Soprano, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                           Alto, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                  Tenor, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                         Baritone, ray whoo, tama rah ah nay

                                                           Bass, ray whoo tama rah ah nay

As each voice group finishes the phrase they start again.

My instincts tell me that this will create a resonance between the Key Crystals, and the Cave of Giant Crystals.

On a quick side note, the Cave of Giant Crystals began to grow about the same time as the last Harmonic Convergence, some 5.000 years ago.

In the meantime, all of us can spread words of love and cooperation through our words and actions.  Celebrate and be Thankful that we are the ones to usher in the next Age of Mankind.

I do not claim to know everything, and so I welcome anything that you, patient reader, may have to share on this subject.

Namaste, God Bless, So Mote It Be, Shalom, Salaam.  Let us sing the praises of our Deity (ies), and speak Gratitude for their Love and Generosity.