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Portrait of a Witch

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If you saw a real witch, would you know that she is a witch? Do you believe that she’ll be ancient and ugly with bad skin and warts? Or would she be like everyone else you meet in your travels? Or would there be an indefinable something that would identify her as a witch? 


 A real witch, a practitioner of Wicca, will look like anyone you might meet on the street. She will buy the same kind of clothes; she will have many of the same items in her grocery cart as you will. 


 So, how do you identify a witch, not the Halloween caricature, but a real witch?  Look at her character- that will show her Wiccan traditions. She will be the woman who is kind to everyone and chooses to not judge by race or faith. She will walk gently on our Mother Earth, and celebrate the seasons and natural wonders of the planet.  


 A witch will be tolerant of and accepting of all other faiths. Real witches are not Satanists. Most Wiccan sects worship a God and Goddess; the God sports deer horns and represents the Masculine Archetype, while the Goddess is usually a three-faced Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), which represents the Feminine Archetype.  


 Wicca seeks a balance between positive and negative energies. True Wiccans do not hex or curse people, a witch’s every action is chosen to cause the least harm to everyone and everything around the witch. In truth, the evolved witch will do what is right simply because it is the right thing to do, with no thought of ‘Eternal Reward’ or ‘Karma’.   The right thing to do is the action that causes the least harm in both the short- and long-term.  The witch’s aim is to create balance and calm both within herself and in her surroundings.  


 Wiccans don’t seek revenge; seek a non-destructive way to express ‘negative’ emotions.   Wicca honours forgiveness and understanding. 


Individual witches are at different points on their path of Spiritual Growth the same as people of other faiths. Wicca accepts that some of the people who have travelled further on their path will consciously choose to remain at that level, to help those still learning to advance on their personal path. 


Witches will be naturally trusted by children, animals and wounded spirits, and are known for the comfort of their homes. Some witches have the reputation of being the one everyone comes to when they need to feel better. Other witches might be known for their ability to energise and inspire.


Wicca does not expect a new member to deny the faith they already have; witchcraft, all of Hollywood’s ideas aside, is a gentle, nature-based faith, that supports the individual, and celebrates the differences of culture and faith.