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Read ‘Em and Weep??

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I couldn’t help myself, I had to buy the Stepahnie Pui-Mun Law’s “Shadowscapes” Tarot Deck.  It finally arrived Tuesday evening.  I had to try them out, and decided to video the entire layout

The vidoe comes with a challenge for everyone doing the Tarot Journey.  I have included close-ups of all the cards in the layout, and the measnings of each psotion in the layout.

My challenge is for anyone that is unterested, to read and interpret the layout I have shared.  My question was, “What is going to happen in the next year”.

You can find the video at:


*gasp!* Two posts in one week!!

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At the same time that Shiloh ( ) dared me to write the Japanese forms she also shared a writing prompt from

Soul Food Cafe’s ( ) 

Anita Marie Moscoso ( ). 

I have played with the idea of a wicked garden and below is the poem I wrote from the prompt.  I hope you enjoy it.



In my wicked garden

Mandrake roots twist,

Silent cries of delight.

Poppies bloom in riotous

Red, labile and ready

Bleeding somnolence.

Fairy fingers in purple

Lavender and pink,

Brown freckled petals.

Wolfsbane blooms,

Eerily white under

The soaring full moon.

Throughout my wicked garden

Are hidden bowers,

Sanctuaries for lovers.

Trellised roses bloom

Madly open to the sun

White, yellow, and red.

Bougainvillea riots,

Untrimmed and untamed,

Passionate pink blooms.

Beneath their branches,

Beds of petals await

The dreams of lovers.

Found in my wicked garden

Love apples ripen

Hues of green and red.

Beyond the statues of

Bare limbs twining

In passionate embrace.

The perfume of blossoms

Night Blooming Jasmine

Floats through the senses.

Crickets romancing the

Ladies with their song

Their instrument is their legs.

I plant my wicked garden

By the rising of the moon

Watered well with desire.

Plants are fed through

Caresses and soft sighs

The dance of romance.

Unpruned, and left to

Grow as it will

Not tame or precise.

The garden grows with

The speed of love,

And flavours of dreams.

Monstrous Makeovers

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Voice over spooky music, screen fades to stylised monster images.


“Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and monsters! Welcome to the premiere of ‘Monstrous Makeovers’. I am your hostess, Medusa.”


Close-up of hostess snakes on her scalp in a restless French Twist.


She is wearing an obviously designer gown, flawless make-up and jewel studded dark glasses.


“Halloween is growing closer every day, and there are a lot of worthy monsters being left out of the number One night for monsters.” Medusa moves a comfortable arrangement of couch and chairs at centre stage. She seats herself on an immaculate fainting couch upholstered in deep blood-red Panné velvet.


“Tonight our guest will be La Llorona. But first, a word from our sponsors.”


Cut to commercials-


Nature’s Farms Dried Fruits)

“Do your little monsters prefer their Halloween candy to good healthy food? This year, why not hand out snack packs of Nature’s Farms dried fruits? Full of nutrition and natural sweetness, these snacks won’t have kids’ Moms sitting up with a child that ate way too much candy.”


(Costume Barn)

“Are you tired of wearing the same tired, old costumes for trick or treat parties? Come down to the Costume Barn across from the Wonder Bread/Hostess Outlet Store. We have some one-of-a-kind costumes that are sure to be a hit at any party. We have costumes for every budget and size.”


(51st Street Bakery)

“Is your party in need of some fresh-baked goodies? At the 51st Street Bakery our talented cake decorators can make a cake that will add the perfect touch to any party. From Litter box cakes to skull-shaped cookies, we have a selection that can’t be beat!”


Fade in to centre stage, and Medusa, breaking up a dispute between two snakes, while never losing a bit of her poise.


“Welcome back to our television audience. To those living in the American Southwest, this lady needs no introduction. She’s known for her passion, and love of water. Please give a warm welcome to La Llorona!”


Enter La Llorona from stage left, Medusa stands and kisses the air close to La Llorona’s cheeks.


“Please sit here dearie.” Medusa motions to a wingback chair in darkest blue figured satin. La Llorona sits gracefully, gathering the tatters of her shawl closer to her chest.


“Tell us, in your own words, why you would like to be a part of the Halloween Festivities, and what you hope to gain from a Monstrous Makeover.”


Pan from Medusa to a close-up of La Llorona.


Well, I really love children, and since I’ve lost my own, I miss playing with children, and making up stories to tell them.”


“What stories did you tell your children before you drowned them?” Medusa smoothed a yawning snake back behind her left ear, and dangling shield-shaped earrings.


“I will always regret making that mistake. I should have known better, but I let passion cloud my thinking.” Her spectral face shivered for a moment under the lights.


Medusa patted La Llorona’s hand sympathetically. “When we get back from commercial break, we’ll let the audience ask questions of our guest, and then vote on whether or not La Llorona should get a monstrous make-over in time for Halloween.”


Fade to commercials:


(The Candy Company)

“Are your kids staying home for a party instead of Trick-or-Treating this year. Have you heard one too many horror stories about deadly treats in treat bags. This year, let the Candy Company create wonderful, one of a kind treat bags for your little ghouls and beasts.”


(Public Service Announcement- Centre Street Hospital)

“Why worry about the goodies your kids get Trick-or-Treating? For the safety of our children, Centre Street Hospital is offering free X-rays of Halloween Treat bags until midnight on Halloween. While you’re here you can pick up pamphlets and poisoning, with Poison Control’s Toll-Free number on every pamphlet. Make your family’s Holiday safe and fun.”


(Pretty Miss Cosmetics)

“Do you get tired of trying to paint your family’s faces for Halloween, and ending up with ugly smears instead? For less than 5 dollars per person, Pretty Miss’s make-up artists can give you Hollywood-style face painting, with hypoallergenic, food-safe cosmetics. We will be open until midnight on Halloween for your face-painting needs.”


Fade to audience at Monstrous Makeovers:


“You there in the third row, in the tacky aqua sweater set.” Medusa points to a nervous young woman, with her hand timidly raised.


“Uh… Yes… La Llorona, how do we know that our children would be safe around you?” Her words are almost lost in the tumult of agreement from the rest of the audience.


“I have been punished for over 100 years for what I did to my own ninos, I have no right to make any other mother suffer like I have. Now all I want is for all the children to be safe and have a Happy Halloween.”


La Llorona stands under a spotlight.


“If I was lucky enough to become a part of Halloween, my costume would be as safe as possible. Light-coloured clothes, with glow-in-the-dark accents, face paint instead of masks, and sturdy shoes for little feet to be protected.” Her words are met with some boos, mixed with a lot of cheers.


“All right studio audience, pick up your voting boxes and vote yes or no. When we return from this commercial break we’ll have the results of your vote.”


Fade to commercials:


(Special Holiday Event)

“Thursday night, uncut, and without commercial interruption; see the holiday tradition “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, running from 8 to 8:30 p.m. Share thus heart-warming story from your childhood with your family.”


(Willard’s IGA Grocery)

“This week, and through Halloween, Willard’s IGA has pumpkins, corn stalks, fog machines, and all of your party needs for super-low prices. We’re so sure that we have the best prices we will meet and beat any competitors’ prices on the same product. If you bring in an ad showing a competitor with a lower price, we will not only meet their price, we will knock and additional 10% off our already low prices.”


(Shadowville YMCA)

“The Shadowville YMCA wants your family to have a safe and memorable Halloween. This year we are having Halloween Parties for children, teens, and adults, as well as films running all night in our recreation room, hayrides, and a huge haunted house, all for your family’s fun. We will serve a simple dinner, and have plenty of treats for everyone. Make your Halloween easy, memorable, and fun with the YMCA!”


Fade to Medusa and La Llorona standing centre stage.


“Welcome back everyone!” Medusa silenced a snake hissing from the swirl of her French Twist before continuing. “We have had in incredible response to La Llorona’s plight. Not only did the whole studio audience vote, our phone lines are still jammed with calls from all over the world!”


La Llorona blushed faintly, and smiled crookedly.


“The audience has let their wishes be known with a landslide vote!! An amazing 97% of you voted yes! You want La Llorona to have a Monstrous Makeover, and be a continuing part of Halloween traditions!”


Close-up of La Llorona’s startled face, before she bursts into tears.


“A special note to our home audience- if you know of a monster you think deserves a Monstrous Make-over please e-mail us at www., or text us at 1031 2009, standard texting rates apply.


Be sure to tune in again next week to see the results of La Llorona’s Makeover, and to see our next guest Monster.


Stay tuned for our Friday Night Retrospective Movie, “The Creature From the Black Lagoon”.”


{{OK gang, here’s your chance, write your own letter to the TV station, and let us know why your Monster should recieve the Makeover.}}

“We Must Start Now”

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Despite its rather dramatic appearance, the title of this post is quite innocuous.


For Christmas  Mum found me the loveliest ‘kit’, called “The Writer’s Retreat Kit”, it comes with a book and 24 cards, 20 of which are lists of writing prompts.


My friend, Shiloh, myself and Mum are using these prompts.  And our prompt for today is this: “We must start now…”.


“We must start now.”  She said, in her tiresome, oh-so-prim voice, the voice that irritated three generations of the family.  She was the Matriach so it was verboten to argue or show irritation. 


“You…”  She pointed at the eldest.  “You will do as I say, without any of your romantic notions.  We do not indulge in such fancies in this family.”


“You, stop hiding behind the pillar, and stand where I can see you.”  The First Son had been sidling away, hoping to avoid another  dressing-down.


Second Son was sitting patiently, staring at nothing, his eyes faraway.  Youngest Daughter was still young enough to have tasted little of the sharp side to Matriach’s temperament.


“You.”  Matriarch returned her attention to Eldest, her heir and grand-daughter.  “You will go, with the duenna I choose, and you will do it with the grace and character our family is known for.”


“But, Grandmother…”  Eldest began.


“But nothing, you have known since weaning this is what you are expected to do.”  Matriarch voice grew  sharper.  Eldest’s brothers cringed, knowing how quickly Matriarch lectures could turn into a harangue on every failing,  flaw, and sin (real or imagined) of the one who dared question her, even if Matriarch was patently in error.


“You will not deviate one whit from what I have said.  None of your complaints, whining or wheedling, you know what to do, and how to do it.”  Matriarch’s voice was hard as rocks underfoot.


“Yes, Matriarch.”  Eldest put as much acquiescence as she could pretend into her voice, hoping to allay Matriarch and thus save the entire family from being harangued interminably.


“Now… go and pack your things, and none of those silly paints or diaries.  Pack your prettiest clothes, and all of your jewellery.  Get some prettier slippers than those frights on your feet now!  And while you’re at it, get yourself a makeover, you look frumpy and spinsterish.”


“Yes Grandmother.”  Eldest stood and walked from the room, her grace and energy in every line. 


“And walk like a lady, not an alley cat in heat!!!”  Matriarch’s words followed her like vengeful bees, still intent on stinging.


“You!”  Matriarch turned her attention to Eldest Son.  “Have you done as I told you and ectricated yourself from that… that… moggy?”  None of the ladies Eldest Son had been seen in the company of met Matriach’s exacting standards.


“Yes Matriach.”  Eldest Son was a skilled dissembler, he had no intention of shedding himself of a charming, intelligent, and well-bred lady’s attention because of some imagined flaw Matriarch found.


“Good.  I have arranged for you to meet some suitable young ladies tomorrow evening.  Do be charming, and well-dressed.  We can’t have them thinking that we cannot afford proper clothes.”


Eldest Son knew what that meant, another evening of listening to Matriarch pontificate to some weak, insipid femmes, with no spirit or passion.


“You!!”  Matriarch turned to Youngest Son, who ferigned complete attention.  “Hmmmnnnppphhh…  I doubt you were paying attention.”


Younget Son rattled off everything that had been said, inflection-perfect.


“Don’t be impertinent, it is not likeable or attractive.”  Matriarch never relented, or admitted that she might be wrong.  “Go, and tell Eldest Sister that she needs to hurry, she will be leaving in just three days.”

Youngest Son left Matriarch room gratefully and went to Eldest Daughter’s rooms.  She was giggling with the duenna Matriarch had chosen.


“We did it!  We did it!!  Matriarch is so sure we are fighting  she wouldn’t consider sending anyone else!!”  Eldest Daughter and the duenna embraced and threw themselves across the bed.